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Bloomfield Rotary sponsors the Bloomfield Wine Festival to benefit Auer Farm, Bloomfield Youth Services & the Bloomfield Rotary Foundation

Date & Time: Friday, 27 September 2013 / 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Location: Duncaster, 40 Loeffler Road, Bloomfield CT

Details: Meet Jerry Kristafer, Brad Davis and Mary Jones! Just $50 per person, wine & food included. Duncaster residents receive a 50% discount.

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Jeffery Brand
Farmington Bank
Phone: 860-284-4534
Fax: 860-242-1756

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Jeffery Brand
Phone: 860-284-4534
Fax: 860-242-1756

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WineFest 2012 Photo Gallery

Auction MCs: Mike Stevens and Brad Davis, Radio Talk Show Hosts DSC_0997
MC Jerry Kristafer, Eric Fahnoe (VP Buckley Broadcasting of CT) of Bloomfield Rotary, MC Mike Stevends and MC Brad Davis DSC_0048
Auction Hall: Don Harris (Chairman of the Bloomfield Board of Education) of Bloomfield Rotary and District 7890 Assistant Governor Pam Lupoli DSC_0961
Auction Hall: Jazz band DSC_0067
MC Jerry Kristafer, Gloria McAdam of Bloomfield Rotary (President & CEO of Foodshare), MC Mike Stevends, Ken Sklodovsky (VP of Simsbury Bank, President of Bloomfield Rotary) and MC Brad Davis DSC_0959
Mayor of Bloomfield Sydney Schulman at the Action Items table DSC_0964
Action Bidding: Jerry Kristafer with the bottle of Massandra Red Stone Muscat 2005 DSC_0010
Wine Tasting DSC_0901
Wine Tasting DSC_0886
At Wine Auction: Mayor of Bloomfield Sydney Schulman DSC_0962
At Wine Auction: Curt Smith (StateFarm Insurance) of Bloomfield Rotary DSC_0999
Wine Tasting, Eric Fahnoe (VP Buckley Broadcasting of CT) and Marc Needelman (Town Attorney) of Bloomfield Rotary DSC_0897
Wine Tasting, Keith Bell (Partner, You Go Dental) of Bloomfield Rotary DSC_0908
Wine Tasting DSC_0892
At Wine Tasting: Mark Weisman (Architect) Bloomfield Rotary President-Elect, Jeff Brand (Farmington Bank Manager) of Bloomfield Rotary, Brad Davis and Keith Bell (Partner at You Go Dental) of Bloomfield Rotary DSC_0905
At Wine Action: Ken Sklodosky (VP of Simsbury Bank) President of the Bloomfield Rotary DSC_0056